A Few Colourful life lessons

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As a man of ninety years I have much knowledge to impart though some of it is what some people would call “colourful” so please take the following with a grain of salt and perhaps also a wink.

Now that I am of very advanced years I can tell you that if a woman were to come onto me now I would surely take off like a comet as it would be certain that she has no taste in men.

Here is a helpful hint for ladies to tell their men: If your man is an unadventurous lover buy him a roll of his favourite candies and have him place one in the side of his mouth as he kisses you,  ect. You will taste of his favourite flavour.

An active woman has a legitimate excuse, she wants to prove conclusively that some things cannot be worn out, wink!

It is unfortunate that some celebrities who are in real life known for their undesirable conduct couldn’t adopt permanently one of the pleasant and adorable characters they convincingly portray.  I’m definetly not including anyone who shares my last name in this statement.

-From the mind of Dacker Thicke

About Human Nature

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It seems to me we are a sometimes duplicitous (of two minds/nature) species. On one hand no other member of the world’s living species is documented to be as violent, cruel, merciless and unforgiving as some of the members of the human race of this there are countless examples that I need not list here. Despite this cold cruel fact, as a species we are also known for our ability to have compassion, emotions of love in the extreme, the ability to forgive no matter the trespass committed upon us, the ability to achieve domestic bliss as well as coveting strong friendships and ties to other people. As   humans we have the strength to be generous and not only to the member of our own species but to the many other flora and fauna on earth. It is a shame that more of us do not exercise the better part of our dual natures or the world would certainly be a far better place to live.

PS If you agree or disagree with this post please feel free to comment.

-Dacker Thicke

useful tips for your health straight from a 90 year old!

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Hello Everyone,

here are some useful health tips as everyone is always asking what the secret to my longevity I don’t want to give too much away but here’s a few tips:

Ever had any aches and pains but can’t find that pesky heating pad?

You can always fill a sock with long  grain rice, tie it in a knot so the rice won’t fall out and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. Then use it like a heating pad.

Ever wonder which vitamins are the best for you?

I’ve always loved eating spinach and many people tell me I look great for being 90 the pictures are above so see for yourself. It turns out spinach is full of vitamin A which is good for youthful looking skin.

Do you get a lot of sunburns?

You can use green tea to soothe sunburns it works better than aloe vera just make tea and cool it in the fridge then soak it up with a towel and put it on your sunburn.

That’s all for now

-Dacker Thicke

Can you believe it?

Some people do!

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I’m 90 years old so I have heard a lot of these sayings over the years, read the list below for your own education or entertainment:

Friday the thirteenth is considered by some to be an unlucky day

A rabbit’s foot can bring good luck

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Finding a four-leaf clover brings the finder good luck

Don’t walk under a ladder, it will give you bad luck

If a black cat crosses your path you’ll have bad luck

Breaking a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck

Opening an umbrella in the house brings bad luck

Hanging a horseshoe in your home brings good luck

Step on a crack, break your mother’s back

To break a bad luck spell turn seven times in a clockwise circle

Garlic can protect from evil spirits and vampires

Fate is written in the stars

At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold

Clothes worn inside out will bring good luck

Wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck

Blowing out all of the candles on your birthday cake  will get you whatever you wish for

Pulling on a wish bone will bring luck if you come away with the larger piece

Having an itchy palm means money will come your way

Beginner’s luck

A cat has nine lives

Eating fish makes you smarter

Touching toads causes warts

A cricket in the house brings good luck

Crossing your fingers helps  avoid bad luck and can help a wish come true

It’s bad luck to sing at the table

Eating on the toilet feeds the devil

It can be bad luck to sleep on a table

A lock of hair from a baby’s first haircut is good luck

A bird that flies in your window brings bad luck with it

Refusing a kiss under mistletoe brings bad luck

Wearing new clothes on Easter is good luck

An acorn on the window sill keeps lightning from striking a  house

If the bottom of your feet itch, you will take a trip

When a dog howls, the grim reaper is near

It’s bad luck to chase someone with a broom

A sailor wearing an earring will not drown

Findind a penny heads up, brings good luck

Rub a sty with a gold wedding band to make it go away

Animals can talk at midnight on Christmas Eve

A drowned woman floats face up, a drowned man floats face down

Dropping a fork means a woman will visit

Dropping a knife means a man will visit

Dropping a spoon means a child will visit

Shivering means someone is walking on your grave in the future

For a happy marriage, the bride must wear: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue

A wedding veil protects the bride from the evil eye

Washing a car will make it rain

You have to get out of bed on the same side you got in

Evil spirits can’t harm you when you are standing in a circle

A cat will try to take the breath from a baby

Warm hands, cold heart

Cold hands, warm heart

It’s unlucky to rock an empty rocking chair

Killing an albatross causes bad luck to the ship and all upon it

Wearing an opal when it is not your birthstone is bad luck

To smell dandelions will make you wet the bed

Giving someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck

A forked branch will help someone divine where water is underground.

The examples above are meant only for fuel for your fantasies. Many people believe these sayings and more there are different beliefs in every country, If you know of any I have missed please comment below and I will add it to my list, if I get many more I will add them to a new post.

-Dacker Thicke

Am I Normal?

hot deals

best deals

What is normal? If I disbelieve 50% of what a “truthful” and well trained salesperson tries to sell me. Does that make me a skeptic? If I’m reluctant to believe  50% of the written word as seen on product packaging or 50% of television advertisements displaying the latest product does that make me different?

I have developed a doubting philosophy over the years as in the past I have found that I’ve been taken advantage of and swindled. Since implementing my 50% doubting theory I have found that I have been made a fool half as many times in the present. If I take advertisements with a large grain of salt is that normal? If so I would counsel you that caution is a product of my longevity and always remember that the buyer should beware. As I like to say a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush but remember also be cautious with the one bird in hand, dear reader.

-Dacker Thicke


I wonder


It is unfortunate that we cannot give out medals for the successful way we are eliminating all the wonderful animals, waterfowl and fish species  in this beautiful world of ours.  Everyone would surely deserve a medal for their contribution.  We are now  extending our great success to eliminating other human beings as well. How long do we have until this extinction reaches ourselves?

-Dacker Thicke

Learn to forgive yourself

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We human beings both male and female have similar and consistent disturbing thoughts that often plague us, thoughts that have originated in the past for various reasons. In my case I often dwell on instances where another person has committed an injury against me or taken advantage of my good will or acts that I have committed against others that I regret and cannot forget. The past is the past just a fading memory,  it is better to forgive than to dwell on events that you cannot change but I continue to relive these past events and to be tormented by past actions.

My purpose in writing about this subject is that I wish to tell of a man I met who very much impressed me by his manner and attitude. I spoke to him about my recurring  distressing thoughts and he informed me that I posses the solution to gaining inner peace.  He told me that to some extent our minds are our own worst enemy if not kept under control. He said that he had been advised of a simple way to silence troublesome thoughts. One should confine themselves to a room where there is a large mirror and look at their own reflection very seriously and intently and discuss outloud all the disturbing incidents in detail several times looking deeply at one’s reflection and then exclaim over and over I have willingly and seriously now and forevermore forgiven myself and all others involved. You will be surprised how quickly you will diminish having those recurring  distressing thoughts. One must always forgive oneself and others as dwelling on unpleasant past occurrences only harms yourself and serves nothing but prolonging one’s own pain.

-Dacker Thicke

A Hard Task to practice

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In life one physical aspect we all must realize will definitely occur to all of us is that we will all cosmetically change.  More notably to those who in their youth onto full maturity neglected to care for their physical being by abusing many principals which are detrimental to one’s good health.

We human beings are by nature addictive. Sometimes we are addicted to substances that when consumed in excess give our body pleasure. By using these substances we destroy the very important body organs that crave the destructive elements initially.

I refer directly to: nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, cocaine and all addictive drug substances. It is a proven fact that to use these addictive elements for a continued period of time reduces one’s life expectancy by seven to fifteen years as well as reducing one’s youthful physical appearance much more rapidly. Normal ageing is difficult to adjust to but premature ageing to many former beautiful people is most difficult to accept. My suggestion is to consume as much healthy fresh food as possible and adopt a moderate and non-addictive lifestyle.

Dacker in Mexico


-Dacker Thicke

Here’s a new poem called Mister Larceny

This is a poem from my collection of short stories and poems titled Unique and Outrageous

Unique and Outrageous ! cover colour tiff revision 2014


Which you can purchase by clicking here:



You are constantly predictable,
In your inconsideration to your fellow man,
Their feelings, welfare, well being
Are of no importance to your master plan.

What is the best for you, your personal gain?
Is all your religion will allow?
Robbing Peter, Paul, and all the rest,
And whatever other larceny destined to follow.

There is a right and a wrong way,
To all of life’s situations,
You will invariably choose the latter,
Regardless of future confrontations.

There is one point, I will give credit,
And I presume, started from your youth,
In every deal or conversation,
You can be depended upon,
To never tell the truth,

I marvel how I became involved,
With a man of so few redeeming qualities,
Perhaps it was greed, the desire to succeed,
It certainly wasn’t because of reciprocal loyalties.

Just let me gain, to the smallest degree,
Sufficient capital of my own,
I will be on my way out of this play,
Departing dust, is all you will be shown.

There is one fear I cannot shake
That fills my soul with dread
After I leave your evil influence
The bad knowledge I have gained, will I be able to shed?



-Dacker Thicke

A New Story about my service in WWII

Selling war bonds

Hello All,

I am back from Mexico and have a story to share with you it is a 100% true, factual and verifiable account of my induction into the army at the young age of 15. I was told by The Legion Magazine that they weren’t interested in printing this story. I’d like to know what you think dear blog readers.

This story didn’t appear in my novel about my experiences in WWII Piper to the rear, which is a novel true in parts but many more stories about wartime are contained in Piper to the Rear, which you can purchase at amazon.com


I will be posting new stories on my blog and would love to hear any and all comments.


The Bad Boy of Kirkland Lake

This is a story based on a 15-year-old’s induction into the armed forces at the beginning of the Second World War. Everyone has a story to tell, some quiet, sedate and unadventurous, but wholesome. Then there are some full of misadventures, unpredictable and unique. This story is the latter and depicts my life as a young boy, a typical rebel and a pain in the ass. To the townspeople of Kirkland Lake I was the local bad boy. They were quite happy when I was sent to a reform school for my many misconducts.

On the completion of 10 months of harsh training, I was sent home at the beginning of WWII in 1939. Home was undesirable so I departed on an empty freight car and traveled across Canada as a hobo. I acquired food by begging door to door whenever I jumped off my free transport or was chased off by clubbed railway police, on numerous occasions painfully. Cold weather drove me back home.

At 14 I had joined the militia bugle band. To allow us to travel to a military summer camp, all our ages were listed as 18. When I decided to join the Armed Forces to go to war, the record showed a 15-year-old boy as 18. I was accepted for service but wound up in a company called the Number Two Employment Platoon – this should have told me something about what we would be doing.

We were transferred to Camp Borden, setting up tents for the many new recruits to live in. We received no actual military training and weren’t even issued firearms, only tent mallets to tie up tent ropes. After several weeks of labour it was rumoured that we were to be shipped overseas. We requested a leave of absence to say good-bye to our families. It was denied. Being denied permission to say good-bye to our loved ones was intolerable. Nineteen of us went AWOL.

When we returned a week later we found our company had moved on. Giving our names and regimental information identification numbers (mine was B97214) to the only Lance Corporal in our group, we were told to contact a Captain at the Toronto Exhibition Grounds. When we arrived, the Captain was being supported by two of his company as he was drunk. He was about to be shipped to Halifax. “Get aboard the troop train, boys,” he told us. “We’re all going the same way.” The Lance Corporal followed the Captain’s orders and hustled us on board, thus continuing a long series of misadventures.

On the train the following day the Captain denied ever having spoken to the Lance Corporal and dismissed him. For five days we shunted across Canada eating the same food supplied to the other troops. Arriving in Halifax, we had no option but to fall in line. We had no luggage, only what we were wearing, plus the list with our regulation numbers. We followed the other troops to the waiting ship. As we walked in line to a desk where a Sergeant was comparing names on a list, we were sure we would now be sent back home. We waited for our turn as the Sergeant assigned every soldier a hammock, berthing pass and food mess number.

When it was our time and the Lance Corporal presented the paper listing all of our names, we were shocked to see that the officer handing out passes was Kirkland Lake’s ex-Chief of Police. Before he left the force, apparently in some disrepute, he had occasion to get to know me and some of the other boys. When he was informed of our predicament, he told us not to worry and that all our paperwork would catch up to us. He then rushed us along so as not to hold up the line.

As we finally docked in England, we were quickly shuttled aboard a series of small English railway carriages, the shrill engine of the train so unlike the loud boom of our large diesel locomotives back home. We arrived at the military town of Aldershot. Once inside, we found that no one moved anywhere without a pass. We were landlocked. No one was responsible for the nineteen soldiers without proper identification, with only our dog tags to identify us.

As we landed at Aldershot our troops were being driven out of France. The Lance Corporal commandeered the building which previously was occupied by the Canadian 48th Highlanders, who were fighting and dying in France. Here at least we had housing. Not being assigned to an official mess hall, we ate at whichever mess hall was offering the most palatable food for each particular meal. No one questioned our presence as everyone was preoccupied with the buzz bombs, German bombers and the like.

Our Lance Corporal was definitely officer material as he organized our group into an efficient scavenging unit. Our party was resourceful. Part of our job was to seek out the most obvious smoking locations and rescue all discarded cigarette butts, concealing our spoils in an old tobacco can. Later on we secretly separated all the tobacco and rebuilt proper cigarettes. The mission bore ample success as our cigarette addiction was satisfied.

A further secret party was the razor blade patrol, salvaging all discarded razors from the bins in every washroom, discarding all those showing rust stains. We would then rub the razors on a glass cup in a circular motion until sharpened.

The elite members were to take numerous showers to borrow soap and accidentally forget to return it, and also together any particles of soap left behind in the soap dishes to later compress into multi-coloured bars. Our efforts were earning us the title of either the dirties or the cleanest soldiers in camp.

An intelligent officer learning of our living habits decided to take advantage of our lack of work by using us to keep the headquarters offices clean after they left for the day. We became unofficial labourers. At least it helped to cut down on our boredom and we were able to salvage a better quality of cigarette butts along with anything else we could liberate for a little cash to spend in the soldiers’ canteen. I made a good score, finding the place where the officers dropped their returnable containers. I only swiped a few each day so that I would be abler o visit a beautiful young girl who worked at the return depot.

A Sergeant who had money galore stole my heartthrob away from me. It didn’t matter to her that I was young and handsome, as he had trumped me with his money. When I could take no more of her ignoring me, I walked up to the Sergeant and slugged him. I was quickly subdued by many hands. It appeared that striking a Sergeant or any senior officer is a hanging offense. How the hell was I supposed to know? I had never had one minute of military training. All I had been taught was how to erect tents. I had just turned 16. Now here I was locked in an iron cage, due to be taken before the camp Commandant.

The next morning the Sergeant Major and two burly guards held me between them. “Prisoner and escort turn left quick march,” the Sergeant Major yelled as if we were across the parade grounds. He marched us into an office and yelled halt. He saluted the Major sitting at his desk. The Major said nothing at first. He just looked at me up and down, taking in my scruffy uniform which hadn’t been washed in two months, “What do we have here?” He said. “Sergeant Major, release the prisoner and dismiss the guards.”

The Sergeant Major did this in his booming voice and left. I was standing there so frightened I couldn’t keep back my tears. The Major then drew up a chair, ordered me to sit down and told me, “I want the truth from you, and if I catch you lying I will kick your ass clear across the drill yard.” He then asked, “How old are you, what the hell is going on and why do you look like a vagrant?”

I told him everything from Day One to the present, including the girl in the canteen. I swear I even detected a tear in the Major’s eye. He ordered a completely new uniform for all of us as well as three months of back pay and finally gave us badges for our shoulders, 2nd Division. He also gave us all fourteen-day holiday passes for anywhere in Britain we wanted to go. I chose Scotland and went with a Scottish friend, Waul Boyle.

Waul and I received a tremendous welcome on our arrival in Scotland. Apparently they hadn’t seen any Canadian soldiers as they all has been sent to fight in continental Europe and were now exiled to Dunkirk. People were asking us to sign our autographs on anything, such as their grocery bags, or even a cast one lady had on a broken leg.

We later retired to a military canteen for some free food where we met a very obliging minister who invited us to sleep in his air raid shelter with himself, his wife and their four children. We gracefully declined as we thought we would be acting like fraidy cats if we were to accept. The results were that I slept on the pool table in the canteen and my friend Waul slept on one of the benches.

We both ended up under the pool table due to a frightening night of enemy bombing. Fortunately our building was spared. Later on that morning we were informed that the minister, his wife and children as well as a dozen of his friends and neighbours seeking shelter had suffered a direct strike. Unfortunately for those poor souls, few such civilian shelters could absorb a direct hit. None of the people sheltered there had survived.

This incident was our first encounter with the violence and destruction of World War II. As we were soon to be deployed to the front lines, it would not be our last. Later on in the war I was also decorated with the Military Medal for Bravery, but that’s another story.

 -Dacker Thicke


Off to Mexico!

I am going back to visit the town in Mexico where I lived for 15 years, it’s called Bocca De Tomatlan. It is a beautiful little fishing village near Puerto Vallarta. Here are some pictures of it.

Bocca 1

This is a picture of the beach with some fishing boats.

Boca_de_Tomatlan 2

Here is a picture of the restaurants on the beach.


Here’s another picture of the water taxi and a small restaurant right on the water.

I will bring back many new photographs and post some even while I am away with the help of my daughter Lori. Don’t worry I will still be posting poems, stories and tips!

If anyone else is going on vacation or just wants a good book to read in the spring sunshine, I can recommend some great books which will suit any taste or age.

cover test 1




Piper to the Rear is the novel I wrote about my wartime experiences as a soldier in WWII there are historical, comedic, and passages in this book and I highly recommend it both for those who lived through the war and those who would like to learn more from the perspective of someone who was really there.

By Dacker Thicke

By Dacker Thicke


Atoll Haven is particularly suited for those heading to a tropical destination wanting something to read while they relax on the beach, or for anyone dreaming of the brighter, warmer summer weather to come. It has adventure, romance, mystery and so much more all set in a beautiful south pacific setting.

Unique and Outrageous ! cover colour tiff revision 2014



Unique and Outrageous is my collection of short stories, poems and even has a novella, this is truly a book for everyone, no matter what genre you prefer it’s all here, comedy, intrigue, romance, drama, adventure, ect… I cannot recommend this volume more highly, it is a MUST READ! If you want more information look any of these books up on Amazon.com

Cover with hand and gun revised




Life Giver Life Taker, is completely mind blowingly unique, I guarantee you’ve never read anything like it or ever again, I don’t want to give too much away but suffice to say that it is a real page turner and keeps you guessing one chapter to the next. Look this and all the other books up on Amazon by clicking the links under their pictures.

I’ll be on the beach working on my newest book and also a screenplay, so lookout you might be seeing Dacker on the big screen!

Hasta La Vista!

-Dacker Thicke



Duct tape extravaganza!

duct tape roll

Hi Everybody,

Dacker Here with some new tips for around the house using the handyman’s best friend-Duct Tape! Over the years I’ve used Duct tape for many things and I’m ready to share some of my secrets.

Did you know you could use duct tape as a substitute for rope? Well you can and I have, maybe don’t use it for rock climbing, but if you need a rope to say bind something to your roof rack duct tape will help you out.

Ever had your wallet give out on you halfway through a cross country trip? No time to buy another wallet, make one outta duct tape just remember to double over the duct tape so you don’t tape your money into your wallet.

Going Camping? Bring some duct tape, you never know if you have a hole in your tent or sleeping bag until it’s too late. Weather is always unpredictable so if you don’t want to get soaked bring some duct tape!

Got some clutter? Duct tape can help you with that. Think of anything that would be easy to hang, like a screwdriver, if only it had a hole in its handle. No problem use some duct tape and make a tab by sticking one end off the handle, then double it over. Also put some duct tape on the handle to make sure the other tab of tape is secure then put a hole it the tape tab and voila hang those tools up.

Ever heard of fly tape? If you’ve got some duct tape just use that. Hang it over rafters sticky side out and those flies will get trapped just as easily as on “brand name” fly tape.

This next tip has helped me out more than once. Splinters everyone hates em! Next time put away the needle and tweezers and pull out the duct tape stick the tape on the splinter, make sure to really stick it on the splinter and then yank it off like a bandaid. Trust me this will work.

That’s all for now but I’m sure if you’re creative you can think of even more clever uses for duct tape, there are so many.

-Dacker Thicke

Wondrous Olive Oil

fresh-olive-oil pic 2

Hello there,

Dacker Thicke here with new delightful around the house tips today’s insights are about Olive oil and vegetable oil, not just for cooking anymore!

Does your house sound like a horror movie? Get some oil for those hinges! I’ll have you know that olive oil is just as good as WD-40.

Ever gotten some pants out of the closet and tried them on only to find that the zipper is stuck? Well put some oil on it of course, while avoiding grease stains so be careful. I sometimes also get some material stuck in the zipper as well and oil will help you looses any cloth you have stuck in the zipper as well.

Got some antique furniture that looks dull and dry, oil up that grain you don’t need pine sol at all. Same thing if you have scratches the oil on the scratch will blend it in so it won’t be noticeable.

Hate mosquitos as much as I do? your birdbath ain’t helping you then.  Put a teaspoon of vegetable or olive oil in the birdbath and it will create a film that mosquitoes can’t lay their eggs in and the bird won’t mind either it’s like a day at the salon for them.

I know this next one will sound weird but if you really want a close shave don’t use shaving cream use olive oil.  Of course you’ll want to wash your face after but it works I swear!

I love duct tape but I’m not fond of the sticky mess it leaves behind when you pull it off of stuff, so I found a cure, vegetable oil! Any gluey residue will come right off if you put some oil on a rag and give it a good rub.

That’s all for today but come back soon for more exciting tips, stories and poems.

-Dacker Thicke

Here’s a New Story I wrote called NARROW escape

cover photo

Narrow Escape

My daughter Lori is forever pushing me to recount one of the numerous life threatening events that befell me during my five and a half years of overseas military service in WWII. There is one particularly frightening incident I can never forget and would like to relate to you, dear blog reader.

I was a member of a three man crew operating as a reconnaissance scout ahead of our unit. We often found ourselves free for other duties when needed. In this incident (because I had a certificate to operate any water craft) I was conscripted to take over an inboard motor launch which was used to transport officers or casualties when needed to medical facilities.

I was working as a sapper engineer our company was involved in using large pontoon boats that were capable of moving tanks or large guns on their decks to ferry tanks across a river. The pontoon boats had four two hundred horsepower outboard motors on each corner to move the large pontoon bridge craft over any flooded areas. In this case the Germans broke the Rhine river walls to flood a very large area. During the whole operation we were constantly being shelled by tiger tanks firing 88mm shells from as far as five miles away.

We had to constantly change position as the Germans kept finding our location by sending spotter planes, every time we saw one we had to change locations as they would soon begin shelling that spot. We were already taking casualties during these moves and had to be constantly finding different places to load the tanks from.

I would follow behind in my launch transporting casualties if there were any. I was on my way to follow the company downriver when my launch suddenly stopped. I moved to the back of the boat to check the motor. When I lifted the motor hatch my problem became obvious. I had become tangled in concealed street telephone wires which had wrapped themselves around my propeller motor. I was traveling over a flooded civilian area but it never occurred to me that there would be submerged telephone poles.

Using my wire cutters I proceeded to cut the many yards of of wrapped cable and it was taking a considerable length of time. I was building up a large pile of cut wire in my launch. Even cutting the wire was time consuming I had to kneel down between the motor and the launch rail and drag it out before cutting it.

Then I heard the sound anyone in my position would dread, the shrill whistle of a landing shell. There was nowhere to hide all I could do was crouch down and hope the shell didn’t land too close. I remained kneeling down in the boat and the shell landed about ten or fifteen feet ahead and beside me.

My immediate thought was I was going to be blown to pieces, instead a large fountain of water, grass and dirt flew up into the air and tipped my launch completely sideways so I was looking downwards. I clutched the rail of my boat and rode this tremendous wave caused by the explosion. I looked straight down and I swear to you I as I was looking at the large displacement of water for just a split second I could see solid ground some thirty feet under me about the length of a telephone pole.

The water rushed back and the launch righted itself. What had happened was that normally a shell explodes on contact, in this case the shell dropped almost straight down and instead of exploding when it hit the water it exploded when it hit the river bottom and all the force of the blast was directed downward and shot the water straight up giving me the change to for a brief second see the ground under the water. I wasn’t hurt but frightened beyond description.

Finally after removing a large portion of wire my motor started and I immediately set off. I could not get away fast enough for my liking. A few miles downriver I found my company and a very angry officer who immediately threatened me with a court martial for hiding from the action. I pointed to the huge pile of wires still in the back of my boat and had amble evidence to explain myself.

Later on that same day we saw a very curious sight. A very sleek German plane flew low right over the trees. We could very plainly make out the faces of the pilots who were sitting side by side. The pilots stared straight at us but didn’t fire. This was the first time any of us had seen a jet powered plane used for spotting instead of a propeller one. Since the pilots didn’t fire on us we figured it was being used as a spotting plane. Of course we had been spotted so had to move on down the river bank but what a strange sight on that day.

I am wondering if you’ll have the patience to read all of this writing, thank-you!

 If you’d like to read more about my experiences in WWII Please purchase my book Piper to the Rear from Amazon.

Here’s a pic and a link:

cover test 1


-Dacker Thicke

Unbelievable uses for salt

pic of salt

Dacker here with some household tips for using salt in ways you wouldn’t believe, but here I am giving away all my secrets.

Poison Ivy-ouch! Pour yourself a very strong salt bath, you do this by adding salt to warm water until it won’t dissolve anymore, soak the offending area in it and you’ll be itch free in no time.

Hate those drippy candles? make the same salt solution as above and soak candles in it for a couple hours and they won’t drip.

If you pour a cup of salt down your drain with warm water it’ll get rid of any built up grease.

Got oniony smelly hands? Rub’ em with salt instead of soap you’ll be amazed how quickly you get rid of that smell.

Ever burn milk? I have and I thought I’d never get that pan clean until I used salt. I let it sit for a while then I easily scrubbed that mess away.

Hey, put salt in your cooler your ice will last longer because salt water has a lower freezing temperature.

Tired of getting sprayed with oil whenever you make bacon in a pan stick a pinch of salt in there and it won’t spray out oil as much.

That’s all for now folk!

-Dacker Thicke



lingerie silhouette


Be grateful to the worm,

Who are such industrious creatures

Spinning their silk

For garments so brief

Enhancing our best features.

Seamstress caressing the fabric

Creating intricate shapes

Emphases well placed

On how to reveal nakedness, in good taste.

It has often been said,

That beauty is to the beholder,

It isn’t what they see

What they fantasize,

Keeps us from looking older,

Although we are beautiful throughout,

Why put all one’s cards on the table,

The best played hands,

 Are the points not known,

Then shown, when best able

It doesn’t serve any purpose,

eliminating the challenge of discovery,

we are well aware,

the product of a gold mine,

the pleasure is in its recovery.

Therefore delightful camouflage,

Cover what only you must,

Bring colors and style,

Create an exciting package, elimination, not the lust.

By Dacker Thicke

A twist on Lemon

lemon pic

Lemon it’s more than just Lemonade it’s Lemon/Aid… Sorry about the terrible pun but it’s true lemon has so many uses you didn’t know about. That is until now!

Got a gungy cutting board, worried about germs? Fear not just rub salt into it with a wedge of lemon and wave goodbye to bacteria and hello to a wonderful smelling cutting board.

Gotta clean that grater but want to keep the skin on your knuckles? I figured this one out accidentally, just rub a wedge of lemon on that sucker and it’ll be clean in no time.

Ever get an ink stain on a shirt? or on the carpet or on the couch, thanks kids… Well it’s easy to get rid of, take cream of tartar and mix with lemon juice until it’s the consistency of toothpaste, then let it sit on the stain for a few minutes and it’s gone!

Ever get sticky rice, or hard rice well if you want fluffy rice then add a tablespoon of lemon in the water or more if you like the taste and the rice will fluff right up!

Wilty lettuce got you down? That stuff never lasts very long but if your sandwich won’t be complete without it try this on for size. stick it in a bowl of ice water and a table spoon of lemon let it sit, but not too long 15 minutes oughta do it.

Ever cut beats on your cutting board and it ends up looking like a murder scene? get those stains out with lemon pour it on and let sit for 30 minutes then rinse all that mess away. (Good for any cutting board stain)

Shower curtain all black with mildew? Use hot water to get most of it off then instead of scrubbing just spray on some lemon and leave it out in the sun. It’s just like new!

Lemon juice is a great glass cleaner too!

Ever get winter dandruff? just mix some lemon juice with warm water and pour over your head in the shower before you get out, let it dry onto your head naturally and no more itch.

If anyone has a fire place use lemon peel as kindling the oil in it will keep the fire going and it smells fantastic.

That’s all for now,




Dacker in Mexico 2



Please allow me to relate to you a sad and almost deadly occurrence in my life. I was living in a fishing village in Mexico called Boca De Tomatlan at the time. This village is about sixteen kilometres along the coast from Puerta Vallarta. I was conducting a clinic in my motor home for people needing all type of prostheses such as: wheelchairs, glasses, crutches and the like. I also provided medical help to the needy who could not find help in Mexico as I would send them free of charge to Canada to get operations that were too costly in Mexico. I also build up a collection of four boats to give free excursions on the bay.

This event happened at the height of the 2008 financial crisis. It all started on my birthday, my daughter phoned me up to send me her good wishes which she did every year on my birthday. I was feeling so terribly that I don’t know how I even mustered the strength to pick up the phone but when I did I was able to whisper the words “Help me” before passing out. Lori called again but got no response so she flew into action marshaling several other villagers to my aid as she was in a different country at the time. The villagers had to break down the door to find me as I was prostrate on the floor of my home and remember none of my rescue. The villagers called an ambulance and had me brought to the best hospital in Puerta Vallarta as instructed by my daughter Lori.

I was immediately taken into the operating room where the surgeon removed a bleeding tumour as well as a large section of my bowel I required a grand total of ten blood transfusions. The doctor later informed Lori that if I had arrived 2 hours later I would not have survived. I finally regained consciousness only to find that I had two bags extruding from my body a colostomy on one side and an ileostomy on the other. Thank-God for a good surgeon as I was alive. My Daughter flew directly to Mexico from her home in Paris France. The villagers had helped so much, they even donated blood as I had exhausted the hospital’s supply of my blood type during my ordeal.

Lori who had a large translation company in Paris had been hit hard by the financial crisis and had lost quite a lot of money due to the recession. She had no choice but to put everything I owned up for sale and in many cases had to practically give things away to the poor villagers. I was now broke flat but at least my pricey medical bills had been paid. Lori and my son Brad contributed what they could. Lori had to come up with two thousand dollars for a doctor to accompany me back to Canada or the airport would not have allowed me to travel home. $65,000 later and I still owed $7,000 on my visa as I arrived back in Canada.

Once again in a hospital bed and receiving numerous bottles of who knows what pouring into my body I slowly recovered. With the help of Veterans Affairs and the guidance of my good friend Jo Vella all my pensions and allowances were reestablished or restored. These resulted from my five years overseas during WWII and my war injuries during that time. Due to my pension I can now live reasonably comfortably. Lori had liquidated all my assets in Mexico so I was now able to focus on myself these last two years and have completed four novels which have been published by Amazon and can be seen right here on dacker.org, my blog which you are reading right now. If you are interested in my books scroll down for more information.

Thank-you and God Bless

-PS for those of you concerned I had a final operation to reconnect all my bowels and no longer have a colostomy bag. Thank-God for that!

-Dacker Thicke

Check out my books on amazon.com

Dacker in a hat cropped

Hello Everybody,

Dacker thicke here, if you don’t know already I am a published author of four completely eye catching page turner books! If you haven’t already done so check them out on amazon.com type in Dacker Thicke to find my books, you can also scroll down and read a description of every book with a direct link to it’s purchase page. Yes it is that convenient. Here’s an idea, if you don’t want to pay postage on the books get what I call a group purchase: get together with 4 friends and purchase 1 book each if you buy four at once Amazon waves the shipping and handling so all four of you can read all my books by trading back and forth. WHAT A DEAL!

Read on to check out my books.

cover test 1

This is my first book Piper To The Rear!

It details my experiences in WWII as a young soldier click the picture to read the description on the back cover. Here is a link to the amazon page:


By Dacker Thicke

By Dacker Thickeatoll haven back cover

Here is my second book Atoll Haven it is an adventure story but it also has comedy, romance, intrigue and much more. Please click on the back cover to read a more detailed description. Here is the link to the purchase page on Amazon.com


Unique and Outrageous ! cover colour tiff revision 2014Unique and Outrageous back cover colour

Unique and Outrageous is my third book it is a collection of short stories, poems and also includes a novella called Flying Blind that I am currently turning into a screenplay. This book truly has something for everyone if you would like to own a book that has a story for any mood you may be in at the moment Unique and Outrageous is certainly it! If you want to read the full description click on the back cover (page in black).

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Cover with hand and gun revised

Here is my fourth book Life Giver Life Taker. This is a unique book and I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say it’s unlike any book you’ve ever read. Please click on the book cover to read a more detailed description.

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All of my books are now available on Kindle and I am working on getting them available on Kobo as well. Of course you haven’t heard the last from me I am currently hard at work on a new novel it’s TOP SECRET right now but stay tuned and you might get a few surprise teasers about it.

Thank-you and God Bless you all.


Amazing uses for Baking soda


Dacker here with more useful tips.

Bet you didn’t know baking soda could be so useful continue reading to be amazed!

If you’ve got gross grout in your kitchen or bathroom just make a thick paste with baking soda by adding a little water, leave it on for a few minutes then scrub it off and you’ll have dazzling grout.

Stop using those nasty tasting mouth washes, if you make a solution of 1 cup water 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of salt and swish it around your mouth your breath will be fresh and it’s good for your gums and brightens your teeth… Who knew!

Got some old dirty gold or silver jewelry? Shine it up with a paste of water, baking soda and a little hydrogen peroxide you’ll look like new with your sparkling jewels.

Ever find an oily brush in a drawer all stuck with hair and dust? Don’t throw it out soak it in hot water and 3 tablespoons of baking soda and ta-da! just don’t look at the dingy water it came out of as you pour it down the drain!

Smelly suitcase? no problem! pour some baking soda in there overnight then vacuum out, make sure to get all of it or you’ll get a surprise going through customs… If you know what I mean.

Got some red wine on a white shirt? I once got a whole glass of red wine spill out of a white shirt, don’t use salt like some housewife use a paste of baking soda and water and rub until the shirt is white you can also use this paste on grease stains.

Got a little whiskered visitor and no cat to catch it? sprinkle baking soda around your kitchen behind cupboards and appliances. Mice hate that stuff and will gladly leave and bother someone else.

Don’t smoke? What do you do with those ashtrays in your car? I’ll tell you what fill it with baking soda and never worry about funky car smell ever again.

Hey are you a bad cook? If you regularly start fires in your kitchen keep baking soda around just toss it on any fire to put it out safely.

That’s all my tips for now-Remember if you can’t get enough of my writing you could always buy my books on amazon.com just search Dacker Thicke.


Dacker Thicke en route to Mexico

Dacker Thicke  En Route To Mexico

Dacker in Mexico 2

During my customary six month migration to Mexico I was invited to visit my nephew at his ranch who on this occasion was entertaining a number of beautiful Miss America contestants. I parked my motor home beside the horse rail fence and was invited inside to view his 6 by 6 foot television and catch a hockey game, his favorite sport. I got bored quickly and begged to be excused to look at his horses. He nodded his consent. A beautiful young lady asked if she could join me. I presumed hockey wasn’t her favourite sport either. Now outside I asked her if she would like me to show her how to feed a horse without getting bitten. She was excited by this prospect so I went to my nearby motor home and retrieved an apple from the fridge cutting it into sections.

I returned to the young woman and took her delightful arm in my hand and on her upturned hand placed a slice of apple and told her to offer the flat of her hand to the horse. The damned horse sniffed the apple but refused to take it. To make up for the horse’s refusal I pulled her hand towards my mouth and took the apple as if I were a horse kissing her palm in the process. I thought I had been very clever, until that is I started gagging on the apple, I couldn’t get the apple down. The young lady’s eyes were round and she had a startled look on her face. I rushed to my motor home and gulped a large amount of milk to dislodge the stubborn apple. I emerged composed and explained to the lady that an apple seed had gotten stuck in my throat. We both had a great laugh about it, whether from the milk or the laughter I found myself quite hungry and decided to fry myself a bacon and tomato sandwich to which the lady asked if she could have one also, of course I obliged her.

I stepped into the motor home and collected all the necessary ingredients as well as my propane stove I placed all of these on a folding table outside and began to do my chef thing. That was the moment my nephew emerged wondering what had happened to us. It was quite obvious that I was in the process of preparing a snack. He then mock angrily exclaimed that he had the most modern of kitchen equipment inside and here we were in his driveway making bacon and tomato sandwiches on a propane stove. We looked at ourselves then at him until he cracked a smile and said that we should make one for him and make sure to burn his bacon.

-Dacker Thicke

Great unusual uses for vinegar around the house


Hi Everyone Dacker Thicke here with some new tips on how to use vinegar around the house:

If you ever burn something in your kitchen and don’t want anyone to know just boil 1 cup vinegar with 2 cups water and the smell will be gone in a few minutes.

Ever get a bad sunburn? If you rub the sunburn with vinegar your skin will feel cooler and the the pain will be reduced.

Did you know you can use vinegar as a fabric softener? will you can just use the same amount as you would fabric softener and your clothes will be nice and soft.

Those pesky yellow underarm stains can easily be removed my soaking the yellow stained area of the clothes in vinegar for 10 minutes before you wash them.

Poaching eggs made easy just add a teaspoon of white vinegar to the water and the whites will stay together better.

Weeds in the garden? just pour straight white vinegar on them and they will be gone in a few days.

Science is fun! pour 2 ounces baking soda and 5 ounces vinegar down your drain and cover it to unclog it.

Salt stains on shoes rub them with white vinegar and they’ll be gone in a flash.

-Dacker Thicke

Unusual Uses For Everyday Items

Dacker in Mexico



I am Dacker Thicke and today I’d like to share unusual uses for tin/aluminum foil.

Softening brown sugar:

I hate it when my sugar gets stuck in a rock hard lump. All you have to do is cover it in tin foil and put it in the oven at 350 for 5 minutes and voila usable sugar.

Save your pie crust:

I love to bake, but I hate it when pie crusts get brown and hard before the rest of the pie. Here’s a trick I learned cover the crust in tin foil if it gets too brown and it will slow the rate it cooks, no more burnt crust for you.

Grill Marks on Steak:

A perfect steak has those wonderful grill marks on it but they are so hard to achieve. Cover your grill in tin foil to get it really hot, once you take it off and put your steak on the grill it will have perfect grill marks on it, umm hear that sizzle.

Tarnished Silver:

Have dull silver? Line a pan with tin foil, fill with water add a tablespoon of salt then drop in your silver, wait a few minutes and rinse them, they will be looking just like new.

Easy Platter:

Got company coming over but no platters for snacks? Just cover some cardboard with tin foil and serve your snacks on it looks just like a silver platter.

Stay tuned more household tips coming soon. Don’t forget to browse the rest of the page for links to my books and other writing.

-Dacker Thicke



cesi n'est pas une pipe


Granted the fact that I am vain

All of life’s weakness to share,

Drawn to nicotine, alcohol and cocaine

A natural candidate for Satan’s lair

Desperately needing that sedative release

Unobtainable by guts alone

Frantically dreaming of the inner peace

Alcoholics and drug addicts have known.

The refreshing nature of spirits, wine and beer,

Instant release by the needle and pot

Elevating one’s spirits to a much higher sphere

Away from living’s painful lot.

Secluding myself in my secret retreat

Narcotics and booze before me

Never again pain and troubles to repeat

Tranquility and peace my fervent plea.

Gasping for breath, ‘pot’ certainly not my bag

Undaunted, confident of the other alternatives

‘Ugh’ the taste of alcohol, I find a real drag.

Definitely, for my weak stomach, too corrosive.

To drive a dirty needle into this beautiful body,

Injecting a substance, it’s quality unknown,

The brains in my head would have to be cloudy,

For such senseless destruction to be shown.

It’s no use, I can’t take this route,

My weakness and logic collide,

Therapeutic results definitely in doubt

Lord knows how hard I have tried.

-Dacker Thicke


THENcover photo




I’m Dacker Thicke, thanks for visiting my blog. I am 90 years old and the oldest member of the famous Thicke family. I am a veteran of WWII and have lived a life full of adventure. I am now a published author of 4 books. I am posting a short story for your viewing pleasure. If you like what you read scroll further to see a description of each of my novels and a link to purchase them. Each book is unique and I’m sure there is a book to peak every reader’s interest. Don’t be shy give them a browse I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I had never won a damn thing in my entire life, yet I kept trying.
Whatever possessed me to pay twenty bucks for a chance on a brand
new Cadillac, I can’t tell you, unless it was the sign that said only five
thousand tickets were to be sold? That’s one chance in five thousand, a hell of a sight better than any of those lottery tickets. Can you believe that I, a born loser, won? I didn’t even have enough money for the gas to drive it away.
The news came just as I was leaving my room to keep a ten a.m.
interview for a janitorial job. Informed there was a full tank of gas, I
decided to pick up my win on the way to the interview. I was dressed up in the best suit and shoes I’d ever owned, a present to myself after
working ten weeks planting tree seedlings, the most back-breaking work known to man. After another eleven weeks without a job, I was wishing to hell I’d never bought the clothes.
I pulled into the big fruit cannery parking lot and looked around for a
parking space. A distinguished-looking gentleman called over and said “Take my spot. I’m going out.” I thanked him and waited while he pulled out. After parking, I walked up to the cannery office.
I found the receptionist and said I was there to apply for the position.
Yes, she interrupted, that was Mr. Cooper you just spoke to. He will be back shortly. He asked that the applicant be shown into his private
Strange, I thought, the man must be filled with humility to be so
gracious to a janitorial applicant. The receptionist seated me in a soft leather chair and served me a coffee and a danish. I was starved. I hadn’t had enough money to buy breakfast.
Ten minutes later Mr. Cooper came in with his hand outstretched.
Cooper, he said.
Jackson, I replied.
I’m not going to ask you for a long list of your accomplishments, he said. Your car and clothes speak for themselves. I admire success. I’ll ask you one question, though: Can you handle the job?
Without hesitation I said, “Certainly.” thinking to myself that if I can’t
change a few light bulbs, unplug a sink or cut a little grass then I’d better give up.
“Fine,” he said, “the job is yours. You will be on your own. Your main
function is to see that the pineapple planting continues on schedule and we get a full progress report every week. Your secretary will have it all set up for you there.  She knows every step of the program. All we ask is a full crop at the end of the year. My receptionist will give you your advance, plane ticket and the keys to your bungalow and car in Hawaii.
You can park your car in our garage here to use whenever you take a
trip back.” With that he stood up and shook my hand, dismissing me.
Dazed, I returned to the foyer. The receptionist was expecting me and
handed me a briefcase, keys, a plane ticket and a cash advance of a
thousand dollars.
“The directions to the plantation are in the briefcase, Sir.” she said to
me. “They’ll be informed that you’ll be arriving to take charge, may I
have your full name and social insurance number for our files?”
“Thank you,” I mumbled and took out a pen to write out the
information she requested. “By the way,” I asked her, “what was the
final figure we agreed upon for the wage?”
“Seventy-five thousand a year in the usual increments and added
bonuses,” she replied.
“Thank you again,” I said, still stunned. I wasn’t about to point out their error.
Those people on the island better be on their toes when I get there, I
thought to myself. A man who’s personally planted two hundred
thousand fir seedlings will certainly know how to plant a few
pineapples, especially with a secretary to show me how.

Thank-you for reading. If you scroll further down the page you will see and read descriptions of my full length novels.

-Dacker Thicke