Am I Normal?

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What is normal? If I disbelieve 50% of what a “truthful” and well trained salesperson tries to sell me. Does that make me a skeptic? If I’m reluctant to believe  50% of the written word as seen on product packaging or 50% of television advertisements displaying the latest product does that make me different?

I have developed a doubting philosophy over the years as in the past I have found that I’ve been taken advantage of and swindled. Since implementing my 50% doubting theory I have found that I have been made a fool half as many times in the present. If I take advertisements with a large grain of salt is that normal? If so I would counsel you that caution is a product of my longevity and always remember that the buyer should beware. As I like to say a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush but remember also be cautious with the one bird in hand, dear reader.

-Dacker Thicke


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