Dacker’s Original Mini Bidet

Mini Bidet Big Profile pic 2 colour

DACKER’S ORIGINAL MINI BIDET  is my newest invention. It will revolutionalise the way you use the bathroom, imparting you feeling cleaner than ever before, because you will be! As a 90 year old man I have much time to contemplate how to improve my life and others. One of my own pet peeves is how using dry toilet paper doesn’t make me feel particularly clean. I decided to find a better way and the result was DACKER’S ORIGINAL MINI BIDET. It uses a new type of miraculous sponge that stays wet constantly even when exposed to air by drawing water from inside the unit, after filling the unit the sponge will stay wet for 2 weeks to a month. When a folded section of toilet paper is introduced to the sponge one dab will wet the very middle of the toilet paper leaving the sides and back dry so your hands stay completely dry. Use the wet part of the toilet paper to cleans your backside, you will find that what I call a “wet wash” will leave you completely clean. No more pieces of toilet paper left behind, on your behind, no lingering odour, and no more soiled undergarments. DACKER’S ORIGINAL MINI BIDET is small and discreet and can be placed anywhere in your bathroom without attracting attention, it resembles a small kleenex box. It uses whatever brand of toilet paper you desire and is of course safe for sewers unlike using a wet wipe. Below are some diagrams illustrating how to use and put together the mini Bidet.

Mini Bidet diagrams clean Mini Bidet How to fold toilet paper JPEG

Stay tuned for more information on DACKER’S ORIGINAL MINI BIDET we are putting together an indiegogo campaign to raise the funds for a first production run. For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/DackersOriginalMiniBidet

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