The Price of Being a Talented Individual


Each of us will find that as human beings there is a divide between the mind and the physical body. It is of this divide that I wish to speak about today.

The average person has difficulty keeping the mind and body in balance but can usually can achieve some normalcy of balance. It is when a rare person with an exceptional mentality, that can best be described as talent, (this talent can can take the form of artistic, musical and physical dexterity) is pressured to over emphasize their talent that problems with balance between the mental and physical are likely to occur. The talent said individual has sometimes becomes their main reason for existence as their talent gives pleasure to those who do not have this talent. This is where problems can arise as talented people can become addicted to the pleasure their talent gives them and begin to willingly place a financial profit from exhibiting their talent.

Now here comes the crux of the matter. Some of these special talented individuals are capable of handling their newly acquired wealth and adoration and are capable of going with the flow as one may describe. Then there are those who are not mentally capable of accepting and rationalizing how much is too much they should give of of their personal and mental output without affecting that other part of the equation, the physical. This is when some talented people begin to use certain chemicals (drugs) to help them sustain their stamina in providing their talent to the audience and sustain the wealthy lifestyles they have grown accustomed to. Now providing their wonderful talent has become completely out of control and balance with their bodies the physical aspects of themselves, the stamina is maintained by drugs which eventually take their toll on their bodies. The need for false energy, provided by drugs propels their need to get more drugs which then fuels their need for more and more money to sustain that habit, it becomes a vicious cycle. There is now no way to go but down.

So many wonderful and beautifully talented artists just could not see any way out from the destructive lifestyles they succomed to, eventually their beautiful bodies ceased to remain so. The great talented mind just could not remain when their bodies were so abused by self inflicted drug use. In so many cases they gave up and took the only way they could see as their way out and ended their beautifully talented lives weather accidentally or not.

They ended up denying us their adoring public, their loving admirers their great talent leaving us to feel the painful loss. Let me ask you this. Are we doing our best to help those artists in need of help and understanding? Every day we learn our talented artists are addicted or depressed or in pain but we do not think enough to tell them we care and offer our help and prayers. We should as a community help those artists in need by writing to them and expressing our love and understanding and telling them they are in our prayers, it may help.

-Dacker Thicke

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