A Solution to the World’s Problems


hand world

It seems to me that the entire world is in the worse shape it has ever been in during the history of civilization and it is consistently getting more so. In every location there are extreme fanatical members of the human race perpetrating the most cruel and despicable murderous treatment of their fellow human beings. Their conduct deffies understanding but perhaps their reasoning could be the need for power among their leaders and the hunger, hopelessness and drought starved environment that the people must live with which makes them vulnerable to falling for the promises of fanatical warlords.

I believe that each of us human beings have a perfect soul, the problem is that we do not know or feel how we can take advantage of this great gift. Our souls do not press their presence on us, we must learn of its goodness by sincerely searching within ourselves and must really want to react with goodness contrary to our human physical desires. This goodness of our nature gives us the desire to live with love and understanding for others. Those other members of the human race do not know of the goodness we all have within ourselves how else could they perpetrate the cruels acts they have on other people. They live with all the vices life has to offer.

There is a solution to all the terrible happenings in the various parts of the world. I believe we should accumulate all the goodness to offset the badness. Let me explain: Throughout the world unite those good people who are suffering equally as all the news of the various bloody conflicts must be wounding them as well as they are good people. Unite all those good people as a group and convince them we must do something to end the carnage. Together we could represent a very great force of good human beings and combine as a single motivating force. We then choose one section or region disturbed by violence and become their avenging opposition. We could use our vast numbers and the weapons of violence for good end conflict and punish those who need to be punished but always try to educate and rehabilitate them first. Remove those violent people in power and replace their guns with shovels and seeds give them schooling in how to live peacefully. Give them the means to support themselves and their families and not seek to steal from and destroy their neighbours. When we are successful with returning that region to peace we move on to another region of conflict and eventually change aggression to progression.

-Dacker Thicke

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