When you read of the mini bidet cleansing unit you might ponder, “Does Dacker Thicke have any medical training in his background?” The answer is that I have not one iota of medical training, I am just a sensitive human being with a touch of creativity and inventive talent. Let me explain to you my reasoning behind the Mini Bidet. I have always felt that a dry application of toilet paper left me feeling only partially cleaned and often chaffed and irritated (The picture below will tell you how dry paper felt to me).

paper grater

I have in the past used moistened toilet paper, but this presented problems of its own, such as is there a readily available water source? In public bathrooms, no as the sinks are so far away. There was also the problem of how to apply just a small amount of water to the toilet paper as too much water will leave you with a soggy mess as the paper disintegrates onto your hand. It is for these reasons I invented Dacker’s Original Mini Bidet. It eliminates the need for a water source as the sponge within the bidet is made of a special material that stays constantly wet. It also eliminates the problem of too much water being applied to the toilet paper as only one dab of a folded portion of toilet paper onto the sponge is needed. You will find that only one side of the folded paper gets moistened leaving your hand completely dry and the toilet paper intact for easy use in cleansing oneself. The Mini Bidet can also be used with medicated water if so desired (I recommend a solution of magnesium chloride) The special sponge can hold ten times its weight in water and stays constantly moist, there is only a need to add water to the Mini Bidet once every two weeks or so. Another advantage of the Mini Bidet is that since it uses your everyday toilet paper there is absolutely no chance of a clogged toilet or sewer drain, unlike using wet wipes which have become popular, (you will soon be calling a plumber if you flush wet wipes down your toilet!). The Mini Bidet will never need replacement parts so you will have it for years to come and for the low price of around $15.00 this is a real bargain. Dacker’s Original Mini Bidet will soon be on the market, if you’re interested in learning more please go to:


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