Holy Soul

Holiness is with us at all times
through our Souls

There are many wishful believers throughout the world, all of them claiming the one and only original Holy Spirit as their one supreme Deity. Each group giving their own origin and source as an explanation of the holiness they feel within their souls. Most explain the holiness as examples of God, but we must all strive to find proof of the Holy Spirit’s existence in our own way. We find it easy to be convinced that we all have a Soul, I believe that is because each of us has a feeling of our own soul within our bodies as a daily occurrence. I can feel the presence of my Soul within myself.

Let me inform you about my own beliefs. Through our Soul we are constantly in direct association with the Holy Spirit or whatever title we use when we wish to feel this wonderful feeling. I believe that therefore we do not have to give away a whole day of rest which is so important to the wellbeing of our lives in order to have someone else speak to the Holy Spirit on our behalf. We can communicate in our own personal way through our own words and emotions to the Holy Spirit when we are in touch with our own Spirit, through our Soul. This is the Holy Spirit’s own way of communicating with us personally and we can do this whenever we wish to have this Holy release through our innermost thoughts. We do not need to go to a particular location as otherwise indicated by others. The Soul is our means of directly communicating with the Holy Spirit at any time of our own choosing.

“God Bless us all”