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                          THEN                                AND                             NOW

Dacker Thicke was born in 1924 in the frozen Canadian northlands. He is the senior member of the famous Thicke family. He was raised in the mining town of Kirkland Lake, a town built on the hopes and dreams of thousands of pioneers and prospectors. Once considered the town’s ‘bad boy’, at sixteen the author finagled himself into the army at the start of World War II, and spent five and a half years ahead of the front lines in Europe as a reconnaissance man, responsible for observing enemy movements and assessing the safety of the situations the troops were marching into. Growing up in the middle of the war, he earned himself the military medal (MM) and a reputation for being the guy who could find anything anywhere: a reconnaissance man extraordinaire. After the war his adventures continued, he got his pilot’s license and has flown many different kinds of airplanes though float planes are his ultimate favourite just read “Flying Blind” a novella that can be found in his book “Unique and Outrageous”. He has founded many companies over the years as well as being an inventor.

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