From The Mind of Dacker

old man hulla hoop

I remember hearing from an older man who had reached his eighties, granted I was older than this man but what he said intrigued me. I congratulated him for looking so healthy. He replied that when he reached the age of seventy he constantly worried about dying, he said  he never for a moment forgot about his fear day in day out. He was so busy worrying about dying that he couldn’t think about living. He said that now looking back he never really enjoyed living because of the constant fear of dying, he said that now that he is eighty he is still doing it worrying every day. He then went on to say ” Most of my relatives are in their nineties now and they don’t even realize they are just putting in time and are going to die soon.” I thought to myself, whatever happened to those many many years he never lived because he was too worried about dying to live them? What a foolish man! Remember to live while you’re alive and stop worrying, building towards a negative future live now before it’s gone.

-Dacker Thicke

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