Looking for Executive Producer

We (my co-writer and assistant Andria Papineau and I Dacker Thicke) have recently completed a wonderful all Canadian screenplay, entitled Flying Blind and are seeking to make it into a movie, I Dacker Thicke would be a producer. I am seeking an Executive Producer to help make this project a reality. Below you will find a synopsis of the screenplay, a full copy of the screenplay can be procured through me to any interested party, literary agents need not respond.


Their only prospects were struggle and more struggle, Is Dreaming worthwhile? Or are they all Flying Blind? They’ll need each other to find their own salvation.


A young woman poised to win a famed flamenco dance competition loses her sight in an explosion, alone and shattered she retreats to the wilderness to learn how to live again or succumb to an endless darkness. A recently divorced bush pilot forced to sell his most prized possession sets off in his float plane for a last flight in stormy skies. A young first Nations’ couple ranges far and wide to provide for their isolated reservation whose residents are caught in a web of deepening despair. An unlikely alliance is formed at the crossroads of their four vastly different lives. Will they learn that the solution to their problems is relying on each other? Will they find the strength to follow their Dreams? Or are they all flying blindly into an ever increasing darkness from which they will never escape.


Flying Blind is the story of four people who find each other at a time when they are seeking change in their own lives. An aboriginal couple, Mena and Jim Henry live on an isolated poverty stricken reservation, whose residents are barely scraping by. They embark on an expedition to find game to help their family and friends, they range far and wide to trap and hunt and above all else scare wolves away from the reservation’s hunting grounds. Mena and Jim Henry’s fate becomes entwined with the lives of Bill a newly divorced bush pilot who is a recovering alcoholic trying to make his way in a world that has become increasingly hostile. He sets off in his float plane for one last flight before having to sell the plane to pay off his divorce settlement, but must land during a storm. Bill finds himself at the cabin of Judy, a young troubled woman who tragically lost her eyesight in an explosion, she is cut down in the prime of her life and must rethink her professional dance career. Judy sought solitude at the cabin of her deceased uncle that she inherited to either re-learn how to live with her new disability or find a more permanent way out of her misery. Bill begins to fall for his beautiful host and decides to teach her how to fly despite her blindness to show her life is indeed worth living, Judy falls in love with Bill through his tender instruction and finds new hope in her ability to fly blind. All four characters find themselves entwined, bound to each other by circumstance, they seek to find new dreams to follow. Together they are flying blind into murky uncharted waters with only their new found alliance to rely on. Soon their newly forged bonds of friendship are tested to the extreme when a cave-in grievously injuries Bill and Jim Henry and Judy is forced to by Mena to fly their wounded men to the nearest hospital to save their lives. Using Mena’s eyesight and Judy’s flying skills they take to the skies to save the lives of their loved ones, flying blindly towards salvation.


The Price of Being a Talented Individual


Each of us will find that as human beings there is a divide between the mind and the physical body. It is of this divide that I wish to speak about today.

The average person has difficulty keeping the mind and body in balance but can usually can achieve some normalcy of balance. It is when a rare person with an exceptional mentality, that can best be described as talent, (this talent can can take the form of artistic, musical and physical dexterity) is pressured to over emphasize their talent that problems with balance between the mental and physical are likely to occur. The talent said individual has sometimes becomes their main reason for existence as their talent gives pleasure to those who do not have this talent. This is where problems can arise as talented people can become addicted to the pleasure their talent gives them and begin to willingly place a financial profit from exhibiting their talent.

Now here comes the crux of the matter. Some of these special talented individuals are capable of handling their newly acquired wealth and adoration and are capable of going with the flow as one may describe. Then there are those who are not mentally capable of accepting and rationalizing how much is too much they should give of of their personal and mental output without affecting that other part of the equation, the physical. This is when some talented people begin to use certain chemicals (drugs) to help them sustain their stamina in providing their talent to the audience and sustain the wealthy lifestyles they have grown accustomed to. Now providing their wonderful talent has become completely out of control and balance with their bodies the physical aspects of themselves, the stamina is maintained by drugs which eventually take their toll on their bodies. The need for false energy, provided by drugs propels their need to get more drugs which then fuels their need for more and more money to sustain that habit, it becomes a vicious cycle. There is now no way to go but down.

So many wonderful and beautifully talented artists just could not see any way out from the destructive lifestyles they succomed to, eventually their beautiful bodies ceased to remain so. The great talented mind just could not remain when their bodies were so abused by self inflicted drug use. In so many cases they gave up and took the only way they could see as their way out and ended their beautifully talented lives weather accidentally or not.

They ended up denying us their adoring public, their loving admirers their great talent leaving us to feel the painful loss. Let me ask you this. Are we doing our best to help those artists in need of help and understanding? Every day we learn our talented artists are addicted or depressed or in pain but we do not think enough to tell them we care and offer our help and prayers. We should as a community help those artists in need by writing to them and expressing our love and understanding and telling them they are in our prayers, it may help.

-Dacker Thicke

A Modern Era of Political Termoil

spent bullets

In the news these days there seems to be only violence and bloodshed. It is hard for me to watch but I cannot turn away. I wonder if there is more violence in the world today or if it is only that there is more access to information. I remember going to war myself and wonder if the problem is not also biological, let me try to explain. The mortality of human lives are dependent and in the balance of the mental abilities of a minority of people and their very human characteristics which they let overwhelm their mental capacities for compassion and empathy. I am talking mainly of teenage boys and their animal instincts when left unharnessed devolve into a thirst for violence. I have encountered many a returning veteran in my time who speak of their overseas service as the most exciting time in their lives. Disregarding the horror, the death and sorrow in a way nature has equipped young men with a violent bent to their nature in the era before civilization these were very useful characteristics to help defend their loved ones and communities from threats from other humans or from the environment. Nowadays young men need an outlet to help move them away from this outdated natural urge, the surging hormones in their bodies propel them towards violence as can be seen in many current events. It is young men on both sides of conflicts that keep throwing stones, but they have no other place to turn but violence as they have seen nothing else in their short lives. Harnessing the energy and strength of youth and turning it to humanitarian purposes is what is needed hate breeds hate but more than that young men are biologically programmed and the short era of civilization our species has enjoyed is not enough to turn away from biology. The humanitarian effort in war-torn countries should focus on positively engaging youth if civilization is to survive we sometimes have to control and retrain the human spirit along more positive lines than evolution has given us. It has been shown that in developing countries one of the ways to stop conflict and improve the economy is to empower women, when the sexes are in balance the violent tendencies of male youth are tempered by the female’s natural tendency to empathy and community, let us harness the strengths of both sexes to live in harmony. Perhaps this is an answer that can be taken into account for many of the conflicts in the world today. Equality breeds empathy.

-Dacker Thicke