Off to Mexico!

I am going back to visit the town in Mexico where I lived for 15 years, it’s called Bocca De Tomatlan. It is a beautiful little fishing village near Puerto Vallarta. Here are some pictures of it.

Bocca 1

This is a picture of the beach with some fishing boats.

Boca_de_Tomatlan 2

Here is a picture of the restaurants on the beach.


Here’s another picture of the water taxi and a small restaurant right on the water.

I will bring back many new photographs and post some even while I am away with the help of my daughter Lori. Don’t worry I will still be posting poems, stories and tips!

If anyone else is going on vacation or just wants a good book to read in the spring sunshine, I can recommend some great books which will suit any taste or age.

cover test 1


Piper to the Rear is the novel I wrote about my wartime experiences as a soldier in WWII there are historical, comedic, and passages in this book and I highly recommend it both for those who lived through the war and those who would like to learn more from the perspective of someone who was really there.

By Dacker Thicke

By Dacker Thicke

Atoll Haven is particularly suited for those heading to a tropical destination wanting something to read while they relax on the beach, or for anyone dreaming of the brighter, warmer summer weather to come. It has adventure, romance, mystery and so much more all set in a beautiful south pacific setting.

Unique and Outrageous ! cover colour tiff revision 2014

Unique and Outrageous is my collection of short stories, poems and even has a novella, this is truly a book for everyone, no matter what genre you prefer it’s all here, comedy, intrigue, romance, drama, adventure, ect… I cannot recommend this volume more highly, it is a MUST READ! If you want more information look any of these books up on

Cover with hand and gun revised


Life Giver Life Taker, is completely mind blowingly unique, I guarantee you’ve never read anything like it or ever again, I don’t want to give too much away but suffice to say that it is a real page turner and keeps you guessing one chapter to the next. Look this and all the other books up on Amazon by clicking the links under their pictures.

I’ll be on the beach working on my newest book and also a screenplay, so lookout you might be seeing Dacker on the big screen!

Hasta La Vista!

-Dacker Thicke



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