Duct tape extravaganza!

duct tape roll

Hi Everybody,

Dacker Here with some new tips for around the house using the handyman’s best friend-Duct Tape! Over the years I’ve used Duct tape for many things and I’m ready to share some of my secrets.

Did you know you could use duct tape as a substitute for rope? Well you can and I have, maybe don’t use it for rock climbing, but if you need a rope to say bind something to your roof rack duct tape will help you out.

Ever had your wallet give out on you halfway through a cross country trip? No time to buy another wallet, make one outta duct tape just remember to double over the duct tape so you don’t tape your money into your wallet.

Going Camping? Bring some duct tape, you never know if you have a hole in your tent or sleeping bag until it’s too late. Weather is always unpredictable so if you don’t want to get soaked bring some duct tape!

Got some clutter? Duct tape can help you with that. Think of anything that would be easy to hang, like a screwdriver, if only it had a hole in its handle. No problem use some duct tape and make a tab by sticking one end off the handle, then double it over. Also put some duct tape on the handle to make sure the other tab of tape is secure then put a hole it the tape tab and voila hang those tools up.

Ever heard of fly tape? If you’ve got some duct tape just use that. Hang it over rafters sticky side out and those flies will get trapped just as easily as on “brand name” fly tape.

This next tip has helped me out more than once. Splinters everyone hates em! Next time put away the needle and tweezers and pull out the duct tape stick the tape on the splinter, make sure to really stick it on the splinter and then yank it off like a bandaid. Trust me this will work.

That’s all for now but I’m sure if you’re creative you can think of even more clever uses for duct tape, there are so many.

-Dacker Thicke

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