Wondrous Olive Oil

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Hello there,

Dacker Thicke here with new delightful around the house tips today’s insights are about Olive oil and vegetable oil, not just for cooking anymore!

Does your house sound like a horror movie? Get some oil for those hinges! I’ll have you know that olive oil is just as good as WD-40.

Ever gotten some pants out of the closet and tried them on only to find that the zipper is stuck? Well put some oil on it of course, while avoiding grease stains so be careful. I sometimes also get some material stuck in the zipper as well and oil will help you looses any cloth you have stuck in the zipper as well.

Got some antique furniture that looks dull and dry, oil up that grain you don’t need pine sol at all. Same thing if you have scratches the oil on the scratch will blend it in so it won’t be noticeable.

Hate mosquitos as much as I do? your birdbath ain’t helping you then.  Put a teaspoon of vegetable or olive oil in the birdbath and it will create a film that mosquitoes can’t lay their eggs in and the bird won’t mind either it’s like a day at the salon for them.

I know this next one will sound weird but if you really want a close shave don’t use shaving cream use olive oil.  Of course you’ll want to wash your face after but it works I swear!

I love duct tape but I’m not fond of the sticky mess it leaves behind when you pull it off of stuff, so I found a cure, vegetable oil! Any gluey residue will come right off if you put some oil on a rag and give it a good rub.

That’s all for today but come back soon for more exciting tips, stories and poems.

-Dacker Thicke

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