A Hard Task to practice

Dacker's army portrait


In life one physical aspect we all must realize will definitely occur to all of us is that we will all cosmetically change.  More notably to those who in their youth onto full maturity neglected to care for their physical being by abusing many principals which are detrimental to one’s good health.

We human beings are by nature addictive. Sometimes we are addicted to substances that when consumed in excess give our body pleasure. By using these substances we destroy the very important body organs that crave the destructive elements initially.

I refer directly to: nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, cocaine and all addictive drug substances. It is a proven fact that to use these addictive elements for a continued period of time reduces one’s life expectancy by seven to fifteen years as well as reducing one’s youthful physical appearance much more rapidly. Normal ageing is difficult to adjust to but premature ageing to many former beautiful people is most difficult to accept. My suggestion is to consume as much healthy fresh food as possible and adopt a moderate and non-addictive lifestyle.

Dacker in Mexico


-Dacker Thicke

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