Here’s a new poem called Mister Larceny

This is a poem from my collection of short stories and poems titled Unique and Outrageous

Unique and Outrageous ! cover colour tiff revision 2014


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You are constantly predictable,
In your inconsideration to your fellow man,
Their feelings, welfare, well being
Are of no importance to your master plan.

What is the best for you, your personal gain?
Is all your religion will allow?
Robbing Peter, Paul, and all the rest,
And whatever other larceny destined to follow.

There is a right and a wrong way,
To all of life’s situations,
You will invariably choose the latter,
Regardless of future confrontations.

There is one point, I will give credit,
And I presume, started from your youth,
In every deal or conversation,
You can be depended upon,
To never tell the truth,

I marvel how I became involved,
With a man of so few redeeming qualities,
Perhaps it was greed, the desire to succeed,
It certainly wasn’t because of reciprocal loyalties.

Just let me gain, to the smallest degree,
Sufficient capital of my own,
I will be on my way out of this play,
Departing dust, is all you will be shown.

There is one fear I cannot shake
That fills my soul with dread
After I leave your evil influence
The bad knowledge I have gained, will I be able to shed?



-Dacker Thicke

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