Learn to forgive yourself

cherry blossom 2

We human beings both male and female have similar and consistent disturbing thoughts that often plague us, thoughts that have originated in the past for various reasons. In my case I often dwell on instances where another person has committed an injury against me or taken advantage of my good will or acts that I have committed against others that I regret and cannot forget. The past is the past just a fading memory,  it is better to forgive than to dwell on events that you cannot change but I continue to relive these past events and to be tormented by past actions.

My purpose in writing about this subject is that I wish to tell of a man I met who very much impressed me by his manner and attitude. I spoke to him about my recurring  distressing thoughts and he informed me that I posses the solution to gaining inner peace.  He told me that to some extent our minds are our own worst enemy if not kept under control. He said that he had been advised of a simple way to silence troublesome thoughts. One should confine themselves to a room where there is a large mirror and look at their own reflection very seriously and intently and discuss outloud all the disturbing incidents in detail several times looking deeply at one’s reflection and then exclaim over and over I have willingly and seriously now and forevermore forgiven myself and all others involved. You will be surprised how quickly you will diminish having those recurring  distressing thoughts. One must always forgive oneself and others as dwelling on unpleasant past occurrences only harms yourself and serves nothing but prolonging one’s own pain.

-Dacker Thicke

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