A Few Colourful life lessons

groucho glasses

As a man of ninety years I have much knowledge to impart though some of it is what some people would call “colourful” so please take the following with a grain of salt and perhaps also a wink.

Now that I am of very advanced years I can tell you that if a woman were to come onto me now I would surely take off like a comet as it would be certain that she has no taste in men.

Here is a helpful hint for ladies to tell their men: If your man is an unadventurous lover buy him a roll of his favourite candies and have him place one in the side of his mouth as he kisses you,  ect. You will taste of his favourite flavour.

An active woman has a legitimate excuse, she wants to prove conclusively that some things cannot be worn out, wink!

It is unfortunate that some celebrities who are in real life known for their undesirable conduct couldn’t adopt permanently one of the pleasant and adorable characters they convincingly portray.  I’m definetly not including anyone who shares my last name in this statement.

-From the mind of Dacker Thicke

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