cesi n'est pas une pipe


Granted the fact that I am vain

All of life’s weakness to share,

Drawn to nicotine, alcohol and cocaine

A natural candidate for Satan’s lair

Desperately needing that sedative release

Unobtainable by guts alone

Frantically dreaming of the inner peace

Alcoholics and drug addicts have known.

The refreshing nature of spirits, wine and beer,

Instant release by the needle and pot

Elevating one’s spirits to a much higher sphere

Away from living’s painful lot.

Secluding myself in my secret retreat

Narcotics and booze before me

Never again pain and troubles to repeat

Tranquility and peace my fervent plea.

Gasping for breath, ‘pot’ certainly not my bag

Undaunted, confident of the other alternatives

‘Ugh’ the taste of alcohol, I find a real drag.

Definitely, for my weak stomach, too corrosive.

To drive a dirty needle into this beautiful body,

Injecting a substance, it’s quality unknown,

The brains in my head would have to be cloudy,

For such senseless destruction to be shown.

It’s no use, I can’t take this route,

My weakness and logic collide,

Therapeutic results definitely in doubt

Lord knows how hard I have tried.

-Dacker Thicke

Here is a Poem I wrote called “The Past”


The past is the past
No longer existent
Like water under the bridge
Live in the present
The present is so briefly the now
Which is constantly moving into time
Becoming the future
Our lives have no time
For what has been before
It takes all our effort to take advantage
Of the wonderful moving existence
We dare not to keep up
Our beings demand it to be so
Do not think of the last breath
Look Hopefully
To the next
And the next
That is what really counts
Most of all
Be grateful to our creator
For all of our great nows

-Dacker Thicke

Here is a poem I wrote


Life presents some opportunities
A smart man doesn’t let pass
The whole secret to success,
Is to know when to kiss ass.

It is not an act to perform
On idle speculation,
Pros and cons to be considered,
A profit and loss calculation.

One doesn’t press their lips
To that choicest spot
Without knowing for certain
Just how much is in the pot.

It is OK to have principles,
A list of do’s and don’ts
So long as these qualities
Don’t incur too many I won’ts.

So my friends let’s face it
I don’t wear a minister’s collar
My life is to be admired
Never interfering with making a dollar.

I have now taken kissing ass
Down to a fine art
Although sometimes I must confess
To being the recipient of the occasional stale fart.

-Dacker Thicke