useful tips for your health straight from a 90 year old!

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Hello Everyone,

here are some useful health tips as everyone is always asking what the secret to my longevity I don’t want to give too much away but here’s a few tips:

Ever had any aches and pains but can’t find that pesky heating pad?

You can always fill a sock with long  grain rice, tie it in a knot so the rice won’t fall out and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. Then use it like a heating pad.

Ever wonder which vitamins are the best for you?

I’ve always loved eating spinach and many people tell me I look great for being 90 the pictures are above so see for yourself. It turns out spinach is full of vitamin A which is good for youthful looking skin.

Do you get a lot of sunburns?

You can use green tea to soothe sunburns it works better than aloe vera just make tea and cool it in the fridge then soak it up with a towel and put it on your sunburn.

That’s all for now

-Dacker Thicke

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