Unbelievable uses for salt

pic of salt

Dacker here with some household tips for using salt in ways you wouldn’t believe, but here I am giving away all my secrets.

Poison Ivy-ouch! Pour yourself a very strong salt bath, you do this by adding salt to warm water until it won’t dissolve anymore, soak the offending area in it and you’ll be itch free in no time.

Hate those drippy candles? make the same salt solution as above and soak candles in it for a couple hours and they won’t drip.

If you pour a cup of salt down your drain with warm water it’ll get rid of any built up grease.

Got oniony smelly hands? Rub’ em with salt instead of soap you’ll be amazed how quickly you get rid of that smell.

Ever burn milk? I have and I thought I’d never get that pan clean until I used salt. I let it sit for a while then I easily scrubbed that mess away.

Hey, put salt in your cooler your ice will last longer because salt water has a lower freezing temperature.

Tired of getting sprayed with oil whenever you make bacon in a pan stick a pinch of salt in there and it won’t spray out oil as much.

That’s all for now folk!

-Dacker Thicke


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