What and Who Am I

                                                    What and who am I?

You are a member of the human being animal race who are different from all other living creatures, having developed a far more elaborate, thinking, feeling, and creative ability.
Who are YOU? You are original, unique, and special: there is no other exactly like you in this whole Universe. Appreciate this fact: love your own uniqueness; live in your own uniqueness; and enjoy your life. There is only one lifetime here on Earth, so utilize your human abilities to dwell in harmony with every other living and growing inhabitant of the World, and assist in the growth and development of all life. Specifically avoid any form of destruction to any other species.
We all have is a Soul, our gift from the one original creative source. Let this gift uplift you, and grow beyond your furthest dreams.
We feel how we think, and think how we are feeling. When we think wrong then we feel wrong. It is we who decide what we should be thinking in the first place.
Our bodies, similar to all growing organic matter, depends on nourishment. We are responsible to provide the growing nourishment to our bodies and are no different from all the other growing matter.
Some elements while nourishing can become addictive for want of a better word, particularly such a substances nicotine, codeine, caffeine, and alcohol, to mention a few.
Once introduced to our bodies on a repeated bases, our bodies become addicted, and immediately build up an appetite for the addictive substance. After continued use, if we deny the body a further supply, the body sets up a painful demand for more of the substance. We become the self committed slave of our body’s demand for more. The only solution is to fight our addiction, by cutting off the supply. The organs use up the latest supply, and for a brief time, perhaps a matter of a few days, there is no more of the addictive element in the body system and the organs are able to cleanse and regenerate. Only the addictive memory remains with the addictive persons mind which then requires the addict to reprogram their thinking process.
As a thinking and feeling person now has to understand the penalties of their addiction. It is a proven fact that there is a loss of  seven to fifteen years life expectancy if the habit continues due to the damage done to the internal organs. There are many other consequence associated with  addiction: the destruction of ones family life and friendships, the depletion of finances, and the eventual absence of happiness and joy. Only with permanent and absolute abstinence can any semblance of normal life be restored.

-Dacker Thicke

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