Dacker’s Comments To A Mexican Newspaper

Dacker’s Comments to a Mexican Newspaper

 Initially life does not provide a purpose it permits one to be a living being and an equal. It is up to each living being to develop: personality, philosophy, spirituality, sensuality, humility, compassion, morality and so on. All of which are developed in time through circumstances, environment, outside influences or existing family examples and instructions.

 How each person accepts and absorbs the above determines their character. Not every living person is fortunate enough to enjoy the full results of everything initially afforded them in life. Life has not provided them normal physical or mental abilities. Society has labeled these persons with the term “handicapped”.

Hadicapped people are not usually able to enjoy the full environmental, social and economic situations in life because of their particular handicap. Consequently they often find themselves confined to a lower standard of living. Many handicapped people spend much of their lives house bound and lacking in many of life’s pleasures which are afforded to others. It is the purpose of this article to change their lot in life and give them purpose.

 It is usually through a sensitive and caring outside interest that a handicapped person can have the opportunity to improve their circumstances in life such as through organizations such as DIVAC (Discapacitados Vallartenses).

 Often unfeeling, uncaring people look upon a handicapped person as someone to fear and avoid or somehow deserving or responsible for their own handicap. This line of thinking is ridiculous of course. More often there are understanding caring people who would like to help a less fortunate person, if they only knew how. It is this category that I find myself.

 Throughout my life and presently in Mexico, I have distributed glasses by the thousands to poor villagers, given out hearing aids, crutches, wheelchairs and other prosthetics to individuals in need.

 I cannot explain the pleasure I experience when I see the expressions of gratitude on the faces of the recipients of these gifts. Please understand, the last thing I desire is expressions of gratitude. I have already experienced my reward. In Buddha’s teachings we are our own worst enemy through the workings of our own minds. We feel how we think and we think how we fell. It is we who decide what we should be thinking in the first place.

 I hate money, mostly because I have so little of it. I feel so guilty when I think of my comfort level, many people are happy with much less than I have. I should mention that I am not a wealthy man, I live on an old age pension which I spend as fast as I can get it.

 My Family is mostly multimillionaires. They are professionals, doctors, movie actors, singers or Hollywood producers, which includes my daughter Lori. She throws a thousand dollars my way quite often though I do not want her to. She is expanding her company by opening more offices here in Mexico. Other family members do not offer me money because they believe I give it away. I do not unless necessary.

 I have lived to to ripe old age of 90, having survived 5 ½ years in World War II from which I returned from with slight injuries. Later I married and raised a son and daughter later as a single father. Having experienced various exciting life styles, I am none the less very sadly aware of those many less fortunate than I. I have devoted a portion of my life to helping the needy wherever I could.

 I am at present devoting my time and meager finances to building a “free for the handicapped” motor launch to accommodate people in wheelchairs as well as other types of disabilities. This motor boat is equipped with a private handicapped washroom facility among other helpful modifications. The launch is called “IL Lori I”. I have another panga called “IL Lori II” should there be a large response, a third 7 passenger launch is available also. All of which would be free to the handicapped.

 The program would be an excursion by day out on the Bay of Banderas, starting in the morning with breakfast, trolling from four positions, site seeing, snorkeling and swimming as well as fishing depending of level of ability, lunch is included as well.

 God has assisted me with procuring the four boats I currently own but I have depleted all of my finances and I am forced to seek an angel. I need a 200 HP outboard motor and several life-jackets. I also pray I will meet people who will assist me in the everyday expenses of operating the launch. The cost per day are as follows:

 Captain’s fee…………………………………$400.00 pesos

Fuel……………………………………………. $600.00 pesos

Food…………………………………………… $500.00 pesos

Bait………………………………………………$100.00 pesos

 The launch and my services are free.

 Originally I received the launch hull fr,om Senor Jose Igartua, owner of then Hotel Las Palmas By The Sea. It was with the understanding it would be used to help the handicapped. It was very considerate of him. I am also a volunteer member of DIVAC. DIVAC’s president is Ivan Applegate.


 On conclusion of this letter I became very ill and had a series of surgeries to save my life. It was necessary for Lori to travel to Mexico to help me liquidate my assets including my boats and motor home. I am now fully recovered, broke but thankful for my military pension, a loving family and God’s blessing. I am now free to continue helping the less fortunate here in Canada.

 -Dacker Thicke

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