Facts are the Undeniable Truth


My name is Dacker Thicke, I am 89 years old, and yes I am as vulnerable as anyone else is to being susceptible to an addiction. Though, I first gained all the facts of the elements of addiction in discussion and realized its possible detrimental effects on my continued good health. Thankfully, with the knowledge gained I decided not to experiment with my body and never became an addict, unlike so many others who listened to the suggestions of other about the pleasure that could be derive from trying the substance.

As human beings we are by nature self favoring and if we hear of a substance which is pleasing to or bodies we may submit to the temptation, and experiment with it without investigating the possible detrimental effect that it could have on our bodies, and on our continued good health, and ultimately the shortening of our life span.

Please be intelligent. Investigate all of the possible Facts concerning what the continuing use of the product will have on your body. Consider the Proven detrimental effects on your health and your life expectancy; especially the difficulty to be able to discontinue using it when you wish to.

Once addicted , we are no longer in control. Our bodies now saturated by the product, demand continual saturation, and to deny the constant application, causes our bodies to react very unpleasantly. We become SELF INDUCED SLAVES to our body’s demands. We are financially reduced, our domestic life is in turmoil, and in many cases is destroyed, our friends abandon us, and we are systematically committing a slow form of suicide. Is this addiction worth all of this?

Who is the culprit? OUR OWN MINDS are the enemy that you did not realize. You control your mind.
All you have to do is just say “I DON’T NEED ALL THIS CRAP” and say “NO MORE, AS OF THIS MOMENT!” Once your body is denied the product, it uses up what it has accumulated, and goes back to its normal function of self regeneration, by destroying old damaged cells and creating new cells to replace them. In no time the body cleans itself back to health, and to regenerate your own thinking you have to do the same and just TAKE OVER YOUR OWN BRAIN.

-Dacker Thicke

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