From the Mind of Dacker

All Human Beings Have Three Things in Common

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Every human bring has a soul.


We all have a personal desire for having good health, inner peace and happiness as well as being capable of feeling bodily pain as well as mental anguish and sorrow.


 In our constant search for fulfilling our personal wants and needs we are ALL personally      responsible of systematically destroying this wonderful world we live in. Our search for          happiness inner and outer and our quest to escape from pain and sorrow has resulted in        destroying the world’s atmosphere causing us to be plagued with extreme abnormal wild        fires, floods, earthquakes tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme rains and droughts. All of            the above can be attributed to how we live our lives and the man made contamination of      the atmosphere. The atmosphere is required to create a normal and balanced ecosystem        which all life including us needs to be able to survive. We have destroyed the world’s              normal regenerative cycles which function much like the regeneration of the cells within        our own human bodies which culminates with our cells being completely recycled with          new cells every seven years. If we have destroyed the earth’s regenerative cycles is it too        late for us to reverse it? Can we come to our senses and change our future lifestyles and          be able to reverse the damage we have caused to the earth? What do the more intelligent        of us think?

                                          Is there hope for human kind?

-Dacker Thicke

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