rapid inn



We came upon the most beautiful log cabins we had ever seen. From the outside they looked perfect. The logs were clean of bark and shiny with shellac, the picture windows and doors were made of tinted glass and there were lovely hand carved seats in front of each building. As we got closer we saw even more delightful details; there was a path paved with decorative tiles that ran from the pool at the bottom of the waterfall all the way to the cabins and as we got even closer we saw a hand carved sign above the door of the first cabin that said ‘Rapid Inn”. We soon realized that what we thought at first was two cabins was one cabin with two wings. Bob and I could only sit and stare in utter amazement and of course listen as the cabin being so close to the waterfall seemed to be accompanied by the music of rushing water which I can still hear when I think back on the memory of that place.

Eventually Bob and I remembered to return to our canoe which we had lashed to the side of the bridge and pull it out of the water as we wanted to further explore this beautiful place we had found. When we returned to the cabin which seemed to us to be a slice of paradise in the forest completely unexpected like an oasis in the desert. On the side of the main building we saw many names carved into the wood logs stating when they had visited and where and what kind of fish or game they had caught, the list was long and stretched back to the early 1920s when I was born. Later when we left Bob and I also carved our names in the log I suppose they are still there to this day if Rapid Inn still stands that is and I do hope it still exists as a welcome sight for sore travel weary eyes.

Up to this point we had not tried to open a door as that would have been trespassing but the carved names and the name “Rapid Inn” made us wonder if this building were here for the use of travellers. Bob also stated that he had not seen any new names carved since the start of the War. We tried the door to the main building and both the well oiled screen door and main door were unlocked so we went right on in. We were speechless at what we saw when we entered, it was the most beautiful and well appointed kitchen either of us had ever seen it was like walking into a kitchen supply store.

log cabin kitchen

There was everything a chef could dream of: The beautifully tiled floor matched the spotless tile countertops and above those were hand carved cupboards of utmost beauty, there was a massive chrome and metal wood burning stove that was highly polished and had copper cooking vents. There were every type of copper and steel cooking pots and frying pans as well as a large butcher block equipped with every type of knife and saw. We didn’t look into the cupboards and drawers as we were eager to explore the rest of the cabin.


We entered the other wing through the outside entrance which was also unlocked and the sight that greeted us was like one of us had rubbed Aladdin’s magic lamp. The first thing we saw was the welcome mat which said “To clean feet,” and a shelf to place our shoes on. The floor was artfully designed block hardwood which was polished to a high shine and was almost blinding, we promptly removed our shoes and placed them on the shelves provided. We each travelled in different directions as we explored.


I was astounded to discover the radio set and a gramophone winding unit with a cupboard full of what I am sure  were priceless classic records. There was also a large bookcase with a complete set of encyclopedias and classic literature. In the dinning room was a large table and a giant hutch filled with complete sets of glass and plate of every design and shape imaginable, in the drawers were row upon row of cutlery and of course an assortment of crystal wine glasses and I’m sure much more than I can even remember.

I could hear Bob yelling to me about the discoveries he had made so I ran over and joined him. There were eight separate bedrooms each with it’s own sink and lavatory facilities, the rooms were small but well appointed and each had a comfortable bed decked out in fine linens so much so that we decided to sleep on top of the covers so as to not have to wash and iron the sheets before we left. We also found some amusing old tymey night shirts which gave us both a laugh but were very comfortable to sleep in, of course we washed and ironed those before we left. In the main room was a large marble and rock fireplace big enough to roast a pig in. I am glad to say that even though we hadn’t marked the floor we waxed and polished it before we left so as to leave the place in exactly the same spotless condition we had found it. We were very sad to leave Rapid Inn the following day but the fishing had not been good and were hungry so we set off downriver and you’ll never guess what happened along that river, Guess you’ll have to keep reading!

-Dacker Thicke

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