From The Mind Of Dacker

Dacker’s Thought Of The Moment

tree of light

King Solomon once said “It is a wise man who knows his own son for certain.” Frankly what does it matter?  It is our feelings that lead us to decide our ultimate actions and determines who we are and who we grow into being. It is our feelings that shape us into the person we end up as and only if one decides to improve upon or change themselves for the better can we then decide to change our feelings. At no time do our eternal souls play a part in determining who we will be as people our souls remain forever pure and perfect the essence of our inner selves. It is our bodily feelings which decide which type of lifestyle to permanently accept as one’s way of life. Frankly I choose to live as close as possible to the dictates of what our conscious minds feel or wish to believe our souls want. In the end though any decision is better than no decision at all, as deciding gives us purpose. Stagnation is certainly a word that should be removed from one’s vocabulary.

-Dacker Thicke

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