From The Mind Of Dacker


sunset earth background wallpaper winter images


All of our problems will eventually disappear

There is nothing new under the sun

The vast majority of all problems never actually materialize

Both males and females have identical fantasies, neither unique

We are not what we appear, we are what we have created cosmetically

Our reproductive sexual activities are similar to other species, in our case the variety and excessiveness are self creative

Many western people do not believe our minds are our own worst enemy also they do not realize we control our own minds

Of all our physical pleasures if forced to with hold our urine for up to 12 hours then when able to release, there is no physical long lasting pleasure in comparison

There is no recorded incidence in marine history of any pirate ship forcing anyone to walk the plank into the ocean

If you would like to really feel good, give comfort to a perfect stranger, who you can see are really troubled.

I could be mistaken aren’t we all sometimes?

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